About Us

Daya Megah is a licensed money lender company approved by the Ministry of Housing & Local Government under the Lenders Act 1951. Our staff at Daya Megah. have the best experience to assist you in lending money.

  • We have learned a lot about your specific needs for money lending.
  • We also offer the most innovative money loan and solutions services for commercial transactions.
  • We give a personal loan with a quick loan approval we believe that we will help and solve your financial problems.

Loan Service

Here we would like to offer a registered loan scheme to anyone experiencing a financial crisis whether you are BLACKLIST / CTOS / CCRIS, do not worry you can also apply. Whatever your job, you can apply for a loan with our company.

Qualified Consultant

Our professional financial consultant will provide the best solution for all kinds of financial problems you face.

High Value Loans

We offer custom loans specially designed to meet your needs with a fast approval scheme.

No Upfront Charge

We do not charge any fees or upfront charges when processing your loan tournaments.

Fast Approval

Approvals are given quickly if you can meet our minimum qualifications.

Simple Loan Process

Just need a few steps, you can get your loan.

Apply Now

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